Sarah's Home Buying Process

For most home buyers, the greatest fears when entering the buying market is:
*fear of losing out on the best property

*fear of missing something better
*paying too much
and something might be wrong with the home selected.

My proven home buyer process is designed to provide clarity so you will be confident in your decisions resulting in peace of mind that you haven't missed out, paid too much or choose an inferior property.

The First Step is for us to get to simply get to know each other. I want to learn from your prior experiences, if any, and learn about not only "what" type of property you desire, but "why". 

The Second Step is for us to meet in person. At this time you will be given a buyer packet which include valuable information on your representation and current purchase contracts. At this meeting we will discuss:
*Single Agency and how you will be represented. This is key as most real estate companies work as Transaction Brokers. 
*Process of purchasing a home here in Florida. In detail or as an overview depending on your level of current experience in the market.
*Your Top 10 must-haves.
*The process for how I will narrow down the thousands of homes into a "Rolling Top Three". Using the comfortable process of elimination rather than the frustrating process of selection.
*Your financing options and lender contacts, if needed.
*The odds of buying our first time out and need be, the 2nd or 3rd time previewing homes.

The Third Step is previewing properties. After we have narrowed down to our top 3 homes, I will schedule appointments and we will go inside your top 3. Because, we have done our research in the beginning, this process is considered to be the most fun but also the most determining factor.